Bichitra Pathshala welcomes memberships of people from all walks of life. Our current membership  comprises of teachers, film editors, educationists, film actors and schools.

To become a member, please write to us :

- Membership open to all teachers, educationists, schools and other educational institutions
- Membership fee for individuals: 500/- per annum
- Membership fee for institutions: 2000/- per annum
- Each institutional member will be given 6 membership cards

REGULAR MEMBERSHIP: All regular members will be eligible:
- to use the reference library of Chitrabani
- to attend Bichitra Pathshala programmes
- to participate in the workshops
- to send their children for the children’s workshops
- to receive expert guidance and technical help in using film clippings in the classroom
- to access our lesson plan bank
- will receive the online journal by email

SPECTRUM MEMBERSHIP: In addition to all Regular Membership advantages, Spectrum members will be eligible
to borrow 3 DVDs at a time for a period of 15 days against a one time refundable security deposit of 700/-. Overdue charges of Rs. 10/- per DVD will be charged.

INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERSHIP: All institutional members will be eligible:
- to use the reference library of Chitrabani
- to attend the Bichitra Pathshala programmes
- to send 1-3  teachers for the workshops
- to send 1-4 students for the children’s workshops
- to participate in the Bichitra Utsav
- to receive six Spectrum membership cards for borrowing DVDs against the payment of a refundable total security deposit of 1000/-
- to receive expert guidance and technical help in using film clippings in the classroom
- to access the lesson plan bank
-  to approach Bichitra Pathshala for special workshops or film screenings exclusively for the institution
- to use the Chitrabani auditorium, the video camera and the editing lab at concessional rates
Advisory committee
Fr. Gaston Roberge (Media and film scholar)
Sister SM Cyril (Principal, Loreto Day School, Sealdah)
Dr. Jayanta Sthanapati (Deputy Director General, National Council of Science Museums)
Sabyasachi Chakrabarty
Swapan Sarkar

Panel of experts:

Mita Pramanik (Teacher, Modern High School), Mini Joseph (Teacher, St. Xavier’s School), Roshni Ghosh (Teacher, Loreto School, Sealdah)

Debasish Mandal (Teacher, The Oriental Seminary), Roshni Ghosh (Teacher, Loreto School, Sealdah), Shoma Chakrabarty (Lecturer, Teachers’ Training Centre), Ipsita Dutta (Teacher, Loreto School, Dharamtala), Rupali Sachdev(Teacher, Mahadevi Birla School)

Amita Prasad (Modern High School), Priyadarshini Guha (Modern High School)

Devika Kar (EVS educator), Aroop Chaudhury (EVS & Life Science educator), Anshuman Das (DRCSC)), Sumita Majumdar (Electric Imagination), Debasish Mandal (The Oriental Seminary), Dr. R De (Modern High School)

Nondon Bagchi (Mathematics teacher) Ipsita Dutta (Loreto School, Dharamtala), Subha Das Mollick

Subha Das Mollick (Ex lecturer of Physics, St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai), Prof. Partha Bandyopadhyay (City College)

Gaston Roberge, Subha Das Mollick, Rupali Sachdev, SV Raman, Anjum Katyal, Ashoke Viswanathan

Rajarshi Pal (Satyapriya Roy College of Education), Nilanjana Adhikari (Bethune Collegiate School)

Shoma Chakrabarty (Teacher’s Training Centre), Dr. Subir Nag (Principal, Satyapriya Roy College of Education),Charlotte Simpson Vegas (St. Xavier’s College)

Jeenu George (Loreto School, Dharamtala), Sangita Basu (Kendriya Vidyalaya, Dumdum), Ipshita Banerjee (Children’s Foundation)

Sabuj Konar, Debasish Mandal, Sumita Majumdar, Tamal Sen
Visiting expert : Bubla Basu (JB Petit High School, Mumbai)

Instituitional Members

NAME Address Phone contacts emailid
Modern High School for Girls 78 Syed Amir Ali Avenue, Kolkata
Loreto Sealdah AJC Bose Road. Kolkata
Ahead Initiatives Cornfield Road, Kolkata
Satyapriya Roy College of Education AA 287, Salt Lake, Sector 1, Kolkata 700 064 23342430  
Mahadevi Birla Girls' High School Darga Road, Kolkata 22873913
Loreto Dharamtala Lenin Sarani,Kolkata
BD Memorial School