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My Kind of TV Sep 29th 2011,Kolkata

The workshop "My kind of TV", scheduled on Sep 29th,2011 at the MACE auditorium went off fairly well. There were 47 participants from different schools. The facilitators were Abhijit Dasgupta and Mini Joseph. While Abhijit Da showed them some excellent TV programmes from different countries and discussed the winning streaks of these programmes, Mini discussed the general characteristics of television and facilitated the group work of the participants. At the end of three hours the participants, who were divided into 8 groups, came up with some interesting ideas of the television programmes they would like to make. Of course, these ideas ideas will have to be further fine tuned by our team, specially by Abhijit Da, and then, in the last week of January, they will present these ideas to their peers and elders at the Prix Jeunesse Festival at Max Mueller Bhavan. Many of the participants expressed a desire to give shape to their ideas in a 5 day production workshop. It has been tentatively agreed upon that this production workshop will be held in the month of May.

We take this opportunity to thank both the facilitators for the very interesting sessions and MACE for extending their hospitality. The students' participation in "My Kind of TV" workshop has been very encouraging both in terms of numbers and quality of participation.

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