Monday, March 26, 2012

The Prix Jeunesse Days celebration of  three events conducted between Jan 27th and Jan 31st, 2012.

  1. A workshop - '15 mins for Pre-Teens' with professionals and cinema students to generate ideas and scripts for short fiction films for children in the age group of 7 to 12 years
  2. A workshop - 'My kind of TV' with school children from classed VIII to XII ,to generate ideas of television programmes of their choice
  3. 'Global Vibes' - a festival of films from the Prix Jeunesse Suitcase 2010

The events were wonderfully organised jointly by Prix Jeunesse Foundation(Organisation dedicated to Promoting Excellence in TV),Bichitra Pathshala(Organisation dedicated to learning with moving images for Children),Max Mueller Bhavan(Goethe Institut),Kolkata and Satyajit Ray Film & Technical Institute,Kolkata

The first workshop - '15 Mins for Pre-Teens' was conducted by Regina (Ina) Elizabeth Werner,experienced television producer working at ZDF(Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen), Germany The workshop was attended by many students from film institutes at Kolkata and independent as well as aspiring script writers and film makers. Three days of understanding concepts,watching children's programs and showcasing of ideas for children's content was a lot of serious learning and fun put together.

The second workshop - 'My Kind of TV' emerged out of a concern to tap youngsters' mind to find out,given a chance to make a television programme of their choice,what kind of program would they like to make. Tentative beginnings were made on September 30th,2011 with children from various schools from Kolkata. This was followed by preparations by the children from the schools and subsequent meetings to firm up the ideas and presentations. The final presentation by the children was made at Max Mueller Bhavan, Kolkata on January 29th, 2012 to a gathering of parents,teachers, principals and media persons.

The third event  - 'Global vibes', was a festival of films from the Prix Jeunesse Suitcase,2010 between Jan 30th and Jan 31st, 2012. It is a suitcase of exciting films and TV programmes from many countries showcasing different facets of lives of children in these countries along with the universal crisis of 'growing up' of children in these countries. Film screenings were followed with discussions with children, co-ordinated by volunteers from Bichitra Pathshala.

Detailed report of The Prix Jeunesse Days is enclosed below, please click on the link to open the report in a new page
The Prix Jeunesse Days report,Jan 27th to Jan 31st,Kolkata

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