Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dear Teachers

Dear teachers,

Welcome on board the Tools in Schools Forum. This is a platform for all teachers to share their thoughts and insights on how to get across to our pupils more effectively. One effective method, we believe, is the use of movies in the classroom. It may sound preposterous, but believe us, it works and it works for any subject. Some of us have tried it out in class with spectacular results. By movies we do not mean just the so called ‘educational’ films, but even clippings from popular movies or clippings from news and other TV programmes if we can get hold of them. Recently we had a three days long workshop at the BITM in Kolkata where teachers shared their expertise and appropriate methods of using cinema in the classroom were discussed. 50 teachers from different schools participated in this workshop. This forum is being initiated on request from these teachers. Do send in your contributions and turn it into a vibrant platform for exchange of ideas. You may send lesson plans, anecdotes, pictures, photos of teaching aids, ideas on how certain movie clippings may be used to teach certain subjects – or even your reviews on the latest movies.

You are also welcome to use this platform to announce interesting workshops, seminars etc.

Look for the next posting – the report of the Tools in Schools workshop

Yours truly,

The Tools Team

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