Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tools In Schools Workshop Report

Final Report


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  2. I think this blog is "PUJA UPAHAR"to all of our filmi chasma team and participants teachers.I am hopeful that our effort to create interesting and congenial environment in the classroom will be going on through sharing our innovative thoughts in this blog. Thanks to Subhadi for creating the platform where we teachers can share our ideas and opinions to develop joyful learning and making text connecting to life using films, documentary, cartoon,animation and others TLM.

  3. Thanks a lot for sending such a detailed wonderful interactive report. I read it all and think you people had done a wonderful job. If I were there, I would have shown my 100% support for education with visual aids like films. I only had invited Bubla vasu to do this session with out students in Heritage.
    I liked your example of Home alone usufully to teach machines. Since I am a great beliver of Montessori methods, I would suggest to promote it to the primary teaching, specially using higher apparatus. Life skills, indepth learning, working with hands... all will come. If you want you can see the website of Amukta Mahapatra if you are interested.

  4. There has been an error in the Tools in Schools report.

    Malini Mukherjee, one of our resource persons, is the co-ordinator North East, Intel Teach Programme.

    We apologize for the error.

    - The Tools Team