Friday, November 26, 2010

Youth parliament quiz competition
                                                                               Debasish Mandal
                                                                                                  caring and sharing......
Teacher, The Oriental seminary

After gaining independence the country has adopted the parliamentary democratic system of governance. In order to inculcate the various aspects and issues related with the Parliamentary democracy among the youth to develop democratic attitude in them to strengthen the roots of democracy, the West Bengal Government i the Department of parliamentary affairs, kolkata district inspector of schools and kolkata municipal corp. has been organizing the youth parliamentary quiz competition for school and colleges in a big way.
                Like previous years, this year also I have got the opportunity to conduct this programmme. This year is very special to me, because this year I conduct this programme on behalf of " BICHITRA PATHSHALA". Today, 26th Nov 2010, I conduct this programme in National council of education auditorium Jadavpur. I convey ours aims and objectives in front of teachers and students. 

I hope  our organisation will become one of the most leading creative organisation within a very short time, by the enthusiastic participation of our respected teachers and beloved students. 



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