Monday, December 29, 2014

19th,20th and 21st of December, 2014

Bichitra Pathsala’s initiative in teaching the underprivileged children some of the basics of photography received an overwhelming response from the students of the Rainbow project of Loreto Day School, Bowbazar. The workshop titled “Creatures of the Concrete Jungle” was the second workshop in a series of about ten workshops planned for the underprivileged children. The enthusiasm of the 20 students who attended the workshop fascinated all the members and volunteers of Bichitra Pathsala. Mr. Sandeep Sarkar, wildlife photographer, who conducted the three-day workshop at Loreto Day School, Bowbazar was pleased to teach such a bunch of exciting children the basics of photography.

The first day began with an ice-breaker where the students had to pick up chits and pair them with a partner on the basis of the related information mentioned in the chit. The students smartly paired themselves and talked about the items mentioned in their respective chits. The ice breaker was followed by a power-point presentation, where Mr. Sarkar gave the children some basic ideas about the different types of animals, birds and insects they might find on the streets.

The basics of camera were dealt with extensively by Mr. Sarkar on the second day of the workshop followed by some hands-on clicking session with the students. The students enjoyed every bit of this session. On the third day, the students along with the volunteers assembled at Elliot Park near Maidan where they clicked some pictures of the birds and animals that came their way. The children learned the importance of patience in clicking pictures related to animals and birds. Some of the students proved their mettle by clicking some excellent photographs. The day ended with the students refusing to let go off the camera.

Not only the students but the volunteers too enjoyed every bit of their interaction with the girls. “This is one experience I will cherish all my life”-said Harsh Doshi, a volunteer for the workshop.  He further stated, “To see them look at the world a little differently through photography has made me look at the world a little differently too”. Nitish Kumar Singh, a student of iLEAD and a volunteer for the event was also very glad to be a part of the workshop and wished to be a part of more such workshops in the future. The students also thanked Mr. Sarkar for his support and guidance throughout the workshop. The students showered their love and appreciation to their mentor, Mr. Sarkar by presenting him with a lovely handmade card. 
The volunteers too were thanked by the students for their help and assistance. The workshop was a great learning experience not only for the students but also for the volunteers and members of Bichitra Pathsala. The colorful faces of the students of the Rainbow Project of Loreto Day School, Bowbazar has not only left us with some indelible memories, but also with an enthusiasm to make more such faces glow with the light of knowledge.

This report is written by Sushmita Pandit, Loreto School

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